The Routledge History of Literature in English : Britain and Ireland / Ronald Carter and John McRae ; with a foreword by Malcolm Bradbury.

AUTOR: Ronald Carter -  John MacRae -  Malcolm Bradbury
ISBN: 0415243181
AÑO: 2008

Introducción a la literatura inglesa
Literatura inglesa II
Temas centrales de la literatura y del cine en lengua inglesa


Wide-ranging and accessible, this textbook covers the main developments in the history of British and Irish literature from AD 600 to the present day. It includes extensive accompanying language notes which explore the interrelationships between language and literature, and the narrative is underpinned by quotations from poetry, prose and drama

List of illustrations Foreword by Malcolm Bradbury THE BEGINNINGS OF ENGLISH: OLD AND MIDDLE ENGLISH 600-1485 Contexts and conditions Personal and religious voices Language note: The earliest figurative language Long poems French influence and English affirmation Language and dialect Language note: The expanding lexicon - Chaucer and Middle English From anonymity to individualism Women's voices Fantasy Travel Geoffrey Chaucer Langland, Gower and Lydgate The Scottish Chaucerians Medieval drama Malory and Skelton Language note: Prose and sentence structure THE RENAISSANCE: 1485-1660 Contexts and conditions Language note: Expanding world: expanding lexicon Renaissance poetry Language note: Puttenham's Social Poetics Drama before Shakespeare From the street to the building - the Elizabethan theatre Language note: The further expanding lexicon Renaissance prose Translations of the Bible Language note: The Language of the Bible Shakespeare The plays The sonnets Language note: Shakespeare's language The Metaphysical poets The Cavalier poets Jacobean drama - to the closure of the theatres, 1642 Ben Jonson Masques Other dramatists of the early seventeenth century City comedy The end of the Renaissance theatre RESTORATION TO ROMANTICISM: 1660-1789 Contexts and conditions Early Milton Restoration drama Rochester Dryden Pope Journalism Scottish Enlightenment, diarists and Gibbon The novel Criticism Language note: The expanding lexicon - standards of English' Johnson Sterne, Smollett and Scottish voices Drama after 1737 Poetry after Pope Language note: Metrical patterns Melancholy, madness and nature The Gothic and the sublime Language note: Point of view THE ROMANTIC PERIOD: 1789 - 1832 Contexts and conditions Language note: William Cobbett, grammar and politics Blake, Wordsworth and Coleridge Language note: Reading Wordsworth Language note: The 'real' language of men Keats Shelley Byron Rights and voices in poetry Clare Romantic prose The novel in the Romantic period Jane Austen Language note: Jane Austen's English Scott From Gothic to Frankenstein The Scottish regional novel THE NINETEENTH CENTURY Contexts and conditions Dickens Language note: Reading Dickens Victorian thought and Victorian novels The Brontes and Eliot Other lady novelists Late Victorian novels Wilde and Aestheticism Hardy and James Language note: Dialect and character in Hardy Victorian poetry Language note: The developing uses of dialects in literature Victorian drama Language note: Reading the language of theatre and drama THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: 1900-45 Contexts and conditions Modern poetry to 1945 Language note: Reading Hardy Later Hardy Language note: The fragmenting lexicon Georgian and Imagist poetry First World War poetry Irish writing W.B. Yeats T.S. Eliot Language note: Modernist poetic syntax Popular poets Thirties poets Language note: Reading Auden Scottish and Welsh poetry Modern Drama to 1945 Irish drama D.H. Lawrence Popular and poetic drama Language note: Literature about