AUTOR: David J. (David John),) Barnes -  Michael Kölling
ISBN: 9780132835541

Programación orientada a objetos

The BlueJ development environment was specifically designed to support introductory teaching of object-orientations and helps users grasp the complicated concepts of class structure. Unlike most books on the subject, this text uses BlueJ to get readers started on object-oriented programming from day one. Uses a spiral approach that introduces a topic in a simple context early on, then revisits it later to increase understanding; Offers an abundance of projects for hands-on practice; Chapters are ordered around software development concepts rather than language features; Language-feature introduction is naturally driven by problems to be solved; Chapters are based around distinct projects for more variety; Does not cover traditional topics like control structures. A useful reference for programmers.

Pt. 1 Foundations of object orientation 1

Ch. 1 Objects and classes 3

Ch. 2 Understanding class definitions 18

Ch. 3 Object interaction 56

Ch. 4 Grouping objects 87

Ch. 5 More sophisticated behavior 128

Ch. 6 Well-behaved objects 169

Ch. 7 Designing classes 201

Pt. 2 Application structures 243

Ch. 8 Improving structure with inheritance 245

Ch. 9 More about inheritance 276

Ch. 10 Further abstraction techniques 300

Ch. 11 Building graphical user interfaces 337

Ch. 12 Handling errors 381

Ch. 13 Designing applications 424

Ch. 14 A case study 444

App. A Working with a BlueJ project 465

App. B Java data types 468

App. C Operators 471

App. D Java control structures 474

App. E Running Java without BlueJ 480

App. F Using the debugger 483

App. G JUnit unit-testing tools 487

App. H Teamwork tools 489

App. I Javadoc 491

App. J Program style guide 494

App. K Important library classes 498

Index 502